Sugar Gliders are truly a huge commitment and responsibility not to be taken lightly. Unlike many other small animals they are exotics requiring many hours of social activity with their humans and can actually cause themselves harm if denied playtime. Without the proper care a depressed or inactive sugar glider may well cause its own death

While many of these questions do not have a definite right or wrong answer, it is a good gauge to test your basic knowledge and imperative to encourage research to find out if their high maintenance schedule is compatible with your lifestyle. I cannot stress how important it is to learn as much as you can about these incredible little animals.

This questionnaire is an important part of the adoption process and is required due to the exotic nature and special needs of these creatures.

Sadly, many well intentioned individuals have purchased sugar gliders due to their cuteness, not realizing the intense care that they require, and so the gliders are then given up to find new homes. Because gliders are very sensitive being passed around can cause severe stress, major upset and distrust in the glider and seriously affect their health and personality. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening, by hopefully finding them “Forever Homes”.