Providing A Fresh and Healthy Diet for Sugar Gliders

Here at CSG we use and recommend The Pet Glider Diet which was developed by Priscilla Price with the aid of Veterinarians and nutritionists over a decade ago.

All diet ingredients can be easily found at your local grocery store. The only special item that you need to purchase is the vitamin supplement, which can be purchased through the Canadian Sugar Gliders Store (in Canada - link below) or The Pet Glider in the US.

The Pet Glider Complete Vitamin Supplement is designed specifically to maintain and improve sugar glider health and immune system. The Pet Glider Complete Multivitamin in conjunction with "The Pet Glider Exotic Diet" has produced the healthiest gliders many vets and zoo directors have ever seen.

Ingredients: Complete Balanced Mammal Multivitamin (including calcium), nectar, bee pollen, probiotics, acacia gum, and herbs.

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