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Joeys will be ready to go to their new homes after they have been fully weaned at 8 weeks or more.

Support is never far away

I support all of my joeys for the entirety of their life, so no matter if it's 2 days or 2 years from now, you can always contact me with any questions once you bring them home. All joeys go home with a Health Guarantee, Birth Certificate, Bonding Pouch, Sleeping Pouch and "The Pet Glider" diet vitamin and dry food sample.

We have bundles of joy available on a regular basis in every color imaginable. All joeys are handled with care from their first day out of pouch, so they are tame and well socialized when going to their new homes. A 50% Non-refundable deposit is required to hold your joey until it is ready to leave at 8-10 weeks out of pouch. We do have waiting lists for many colors, so be sure to send us an email or contact us through Facebook if you would like to be placed on the list. Available joeys and their pictures are updated on our Facebook Page so click the link to see who's out of pouch

Adopt A Glider

Shipping Sugar Gliders

Air Travel

We ship our joeys across Canada from coast to coast using Air Canada Live Animal Cargo to any major airport. We have done this for many years with no problems at all and have happy parents throughout the country. We have recently added US shipping as well, if you are interested in US shipping please contact us for further details.

Shipping gliders is simple and safe with very little stress on the animal. To insure this we require direct daytime flights to prevent layovers and possible mishandling during plane changes. Using daytime flights only, helps to ease the stress on the gliders as in most cases they are curled up in their bonding bag to sleep and barely notice anything has taken place until they wake up in their new home.

We use airline approved cat carriers which have a box secured inside to prevent excessive movement with your joeys safely nestled in their bonding bag. Scent blankets from the family pouch are included to ease their transition and a piece of fruit will be in the bag with them for longer flights to provide moisture if they should happen to need it.

Our Adopted Joeys

These pictures below are of our joeys that have found wonderful loving new homes all across Canada


Toronto, ON
OOP March 29, 2014

Yogurt & George

Vancouver, BC
OOP Mar 15 & Aug 2, 2014

Hippo & Houdidi

Elmvale, ON
OOP February 1st, 2014

Mac & Tosh

Toronto, ON
OOP Oct 25 & Nov 23, 2013

Dot & Dash

Toronto, ON
OOP Oct 25 &Oct 4, 2013


Toronto, ON
OOP August 3, 2013


New Brunswick
OOP June 17, 2013


Toronto, ON
OOP June 17, 2013

Baby & Jack

Toronto, ON
OOP Mar 30, 2013

Snowie & Sugar

Fredericton, NB
OOP Feb 4 & Feb 22, 2013

Raven & Luna

Montreal, QC
OOP Feb 22 & Feb 27, 2013

Eevee & Indie

Langley, BC
OOP May 18, 2012


Milton, ON
OOP Feb 9, 2012

Dexter & Darwin

London, ON
OOP Jan 8, 2012

Xena & Gabby

Toronto, ON
OOP May 1, 2011


Innisfil, ON
OOP Feb 6, 2011


Toronto, ON
OOP Jan 5, 2011


Kitchener, ON
OOP Aug 23, 2010


Les in Dauhpin, MB
OOP Aug 23, 2010

Logan & Lucas

Toronto, ON
OOP July 22 & May 1, 2010


Vancouver, BC
OOP Mar 12, 2010


Vancouver, BC
OOP March 12, 2010

Caydan & Cayle

Toronto, ON
OOP March 18, 2010

Adelle & Nikki

Toronto, ON
OOP Oct 22 & Nov 8, 2009


Toronto, ON
OOP Oct 22 & Nov 8, 2009

Lilo & Stitch

Ajax, ON
OOP May 15 & July 6, 2009


Toronto, ON
OOP July 6, 2009

Cricket & Kermit

Montreal, QC
OOP Feb 26, 2009

Fivel & Lil'Foot

Potsdam, NY
OOP Jan 7, 2009


Brampton, ON
OOP Oct 15, 2008


Toronto, ON
OOP Aug 10, 2008


Montreal, QC
OOP Oct 15, 2008


Hamilton, ON
OOP Aug 10, 2008


Oshawa, ON
OOP May 14, 2008

Buttons & Bows

Hamilton, ON
OOP May 14 & Apr 2, 2008

Nic & Knotty

Toronto, ON
OOP Oct 26, 2007