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If An Emergency Strikes, Be Prepared

Contents of your Emergency Kit


Microcyn Animal Health- 2oz bottle - all animal topical application to clean and treat wounds, cuts, lacerations, abrasions, sores & skin irritations. The stuff of miracles- VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED 

Hand Sanitizer - sanitize hands before/after handling gliders, NOT to be used on glider.

Tissues - wipe feces or urine, etc

Large Drinking Straws x2 - place over injured tail, secure with vet wrap to stabilize until vet care is obtained

Satellite/Velcro E-collar - for use in cases of Self Mutilation

Sterile Water x2 - used to flush a wound, for topical use only.

1cc x3 and 3cc x3 sterile slip tip syringes - for use with oral medications and/or force feeding.

Feeding Tip x3 - for use when force feeding if you cannot get the glider to open his/her mouth. Used with an oral/slip tip syringe.

Cotton Swabs - wound care, applying topical medications, stimulate joey to defecate & urinate

Cotton Balls/Pads- wound care, checking cage for sharp areas that may cause wound, etc

Alcohol Pads x4 – for wound or hand cleaning

Sterile Gauze Pad - wound cover/wound care or for cleaning

Vet Wrap Roll 1" wide - for use in bandaging/covering wounds, use with splint or protecting an injured tail; doesn’t stick to anything but itself.

Nail Safe Styptic Powder - controls bleeding due to nail clipping or minor cuts. Contains Benzocaine for pain relief.

Lubricant Jelly x2 - to keep male penis moist if not retracting.

Nail Clippers - nail trimming.

Small Scissors - to clip loose threads cut bandages/vet wrap or free little feet/nails in an emergency.

Tweezers - pick an ingrown nail out of paw or to hold a stitch for removal, etc

Marsupial Milk - can be used to force feed or as emergency/evacuation needs.

Glideraide - can be used for minor dehydration (pushing fluids) or emergency/evacuation needs.

12x12, 8x8 fleece blankets - for handling gliders in an emergency or to burrito a glider in case of SM/feeding medications/force feeding.

Freeze Dried Mealworms 

Sugar Glider Emergency Kit -

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