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Finally a safe, floor roller for your pet!  Just place them inside, put on the cover and enjoy as you watch them roll across the floor.  Even though it's not a perfect sphere that changes direction easily, you will notice your pet will learn to manipulate the direction!  

Rolling Entertainment for the Floor

Introducing the Run-a-bout! This safe roller is for the floor, kind of like the hamster wheel. You will love watching your pet running across the floor, stop, turn and make it go in a different direction.  This is one toy that is sure to your bring you hours of entertainment and laughs!

  • Both ends are Open (cut like the front of your wheel)
  • Comes with (2) covers with a black pet screen center. 
    • The covers have elastic which fits over the (lid) opening tightly. 
      • Once the covers are on - this is fully enclosed.
      • Easy to remove in a hurry if the need arises.
  • Mesh track allows waste to fall through onto the floor
  • Track is slightly raised from floor - keeping little toes from reaching floors and/or getting caught in low-pile carpeting 
    • Large 12”

WARNING!  Do NOT use on or near the steps or table tops where a chance of falling may occur.

Runabout *Expected back in stock early March*

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