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Canadian Sugar Gliders is excited to be home to the first Ruby Leu/Plat breeding pair in the country. Our wonderful new addition is already providing us with gorgeous new joeys, so be sure to contact us to be placed on the waiting list for these amazing new babies. Don't forget we also breed for White Face Blonde, Leucistic, Platinum, Cremeino, Cremeino Mosaic, True Platinum Mosaic, Ringtail Mosaic, Piebald Mosaic and all other Mosaic variations and of course the ever adorable Standard Grey.

We have put together a great collection of informative material for potential Joey owners, ranging from diet to environmental stressors. Click to learn more

Are you interested in adopting a Sugar Glider? Click here to find out what is involved in owning these magnificent creatures and how to proceed with adopting them.

We have a selection of dry foods and treats available for purchase as well as TPG diet vitamin supplement and Fast Track Glider Safe Wheels.